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Hospital Radiology Department Database

  • 5,000+ acute care hospitals with advanced imaging equipment
  • CT and MRI equipment currently installed
  • Key personnel in radiology department, over 5,700 contacts
  • Updated annually by telephone survey

Outpatient Imaging Center Database

  • 8,800+ outpatient imaging facilities
  • Advanced imaging equipment installed (CT, MRI, PET/CT, PET, Nuc Med, Breast MRI, Ultrasound)
  • Ownership
  • Key personnel, over 9,400 contacts
  • Updated annually by telephone survey


Basic "Read-Only" Directory Subscription

  • Search facilities by name, city and/or state
  • Radius search from a zip code or address
  • View information online (email addresses excluded), no downloading

Premium "Read Only" Subscription

  • Search by equipment modality, OEM, model, year of installation
  • View information online, no downloading
  • Includes email addresses where available

Corporate Database License (365 days) - Call 303-941-4457

  • Unlimited annual corporate access
  • Search/sort by equipment -- OEM, model, installation year
  • Unlimited downloading (CSV relational database)
  • Includes email address for approximately 25% of contacts

  • Customized databases and mailing lists (Excel, Text) - Call 303-941-4457    
  • Imaging Installed-Base News e-newsletter - $199/year for 24 issues
  • Outbound custom market research and lead generation services also available.   

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